About us

Little Trimmings was first created in early 1994 by Christine as an offshoot to her porcelain doll making.

Due to the frustration of being unable to find tiny trimming materials in the shops, and with only a handful of mail order suppliers, Christine used her mother's dressmaking contacts to locate the small-patterned lace and trimmings she needed for her doll dressmaking projects. However these suppliers required you to buy in such large quantities that it soon became necessary to find an outlet for the remainder.

It was from these contacts that Christine created a business supplying the tiny braids, buttons and lace to doll makers all over the country. As the number of customers grew they asked for her to find other small-scale items and so the stock was supplanted with further hard-to-find trimmings.

In 1997 Little Trimmings was at a point where it could easily become a full-time occupation for Christine, but here Nature (actually, it was Science) stepped in when she became pregnant with twins! Fortunately an existing customer showed an interest in buying the business as it stood and so Little Trimmings moved house to Sylvia while Christine got on with the exhausting job of bringing up twins.

Five years later on Sylvia had built Little Trimmings up to the level where the catalogue was over 50 double-sided pages of A4 and cost nearly £5. But she wanted to retire and have time to work on her own dolls so it was time for Little Trimmings to move again. Naturally she contacted Christine who wanted it back, but preferably not until the twins had reached 5 and were at school full-time.

However it was not an opportunity to be missed and Little Trimmings came back to Berkshire where Christine added to the great job done by Sylvia.

Update for 2004
As we expand the range of tiny trimmings for you, our catalogue grows and grows. The only way we could keep the size (and, therefore the price) down was to remove some of the "rarely-ordered" items. Despite this, it is still over 50 double-sided pages with 4 colour inserts and at £4.99 each we still can't afford to give any away - mainly due to the postage costing over £1.00.
We have managed to source more miniature trimmings for you, as well as finding a manufacturer willing to make tiny ricrac and braid to our specifications and in the colours we know you want.
So Little Trimmings continues to grow and grow - leaving Christine with very little spare time. Every time we attend a Doll or Miniatures fair it takes her almost a week to catch up with the orders!

Update for 2009
With colour printing technology finally reaching an attainable level for small businesses, Little Trimmings invested in the ability to have their catalogue printed in colour. This took many months of hard work because Christine wanted to use the colour as fully as possible and it meant each different colour of each braid and fabric needed to be scanned individually. With other additions to the catalogue as well (for example, Little Trimmings bought the rights to Chicken Little Miniatures when the owner retired) it grew to nearly 130 pages. To keep the price down to £4.99 (and to get the catalogue finished before Christmas 2009!) it was decided to restrict the colour pages to the products that really needed to be seen in colour and leave the remainder in black and white until time was found to go full colour.
Christine is especially proud of this new catalogue, we hope you like it.

Update for 2010
Little Trimmings moved into its own business premises in Caversham, Berkshire. As stock outgrew the house it became clear that it was time to move into bigger premises. With 2 huge rooms there is even space for workshops which started in mid 2011 and are still going strong.

Thank you for choosing Little Trimmings

Remember, our motto is as traditional as our service:
"If you are happy with our service, tell your friends; if not, tell us"

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