Knobbly braid

A range of knobbly braid
Picot braids

Picot braid in plain colours and metallic version
Very narrow braids

Fine looped, 'S' braid and Mousetail
Lacet braids

A flat braid, pull up a thread for a ruffle trim, in 1mm and 2mm
RicRac braids

TINY RicRac and other widths
Looped and Pom-pom braids

Looped and pom-pom edge braids
Metallic braids

A selection of narrow braids and cords with metallic threads
Rococo trims

Buds & bows in various widths and colour combinations
Flower trims

Rosebud and flower trims in various colourways

Fringing braids
Tiny Oriental braid

5mm Oriental braid
braids and trims

Weird and wonderful braids and fringing that don't quite fit into the other categories
Russia braids

Russia braids plain and fancy
NEW - Must Haves

Wonderful selections of co-ordinated braids and ribbons

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