Little Trimmings

Small-scale haberdashery for the miniaturist and doll-maker

Rococo Trims

Rococo trim, also know as Buds & Bows.
The ribbon is sewn in such a way that it looks like a row of alternating flower buds with bows,
great for costumes, hats, upholstery and many other craft applications.
Shown as near to actual size as computers will allow - unless stated otherwise.

A narrow Rococo (about 9mm wide) made with a very fine, slightly shimmery organdie ribbon.
RB1251/7 - Pale pink buds and pale green bows £2.75 per metre
RB1251/2 - Pale blue buds and pale green bows £2.75 per metre
RB1251/5 - Rust buds and green bows £2.75 per metre
RB1251/6 - Blue buds and pale blue bows £2.75 per metre

A narrow Rococo (about 9mm wide) made with a very fine polyester ribbon, which looks like silk, but is a fraction of the cost.
RB1252/4 - Lavender buds and pale lilac bows £2.75 per metre

Only 7mm wide - tiny silk-look trim, made from a mixture of Azlon and Acrylic to produce a "soft as silk" feel.
GT5042/4 - Pale blue £3.40 per metre
GT5042/9 - Pale and bright yellow £3.40 per metre
GT5042white - White and ivory £3.40 per metre

A firm Rococo (about 12mm wide) made with double sided satin ribbon.
RB179Bg - Blue and green £2.50 per metre

ROCOCO NOTE: the Manufacturer regularly discontinues colour combinations and introduces new ones.
Although I keep a good amount in stock, please always order enough to complete your project.

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