Little Trimmings

Small-scale haberdashery for the miniaturist and doll-maker

Small Buttons

Colours can only be approximate - different computer monitors show slight variations of colours.
All we can say is it looks close enough on our screen!
Button Code approx.
Description and Colour options Price
BUT13 6-7mm Mini hearts: shanked heart button, in white, pink, blue, silver
(red and gold are no longer available)
18p each
BUT14 7mm Mini fish eye button: lavender, black (red also available), but NO WHITE 50p per 10

More Small buttons - these are a little bigger, suitable for larger dolls and children's clothes.
Button Code approx.
Description and Colour options Price
BUT42 8mm Shirt MOP: 2-hole, like MOP in grey only (white is sold out) 80p per 10
BUT43 8mm Pearly shanked MOP: flat top, like MOP in white (grey is sold out) 80p per 10
BUT15 8mm 1930's faceted glass: clear shanked button 80p per 10
BUT29 8mm Bridal half-ball: Pearly shanked in ivory only £1.60 per 10
BUT16 8mm Vintage MOP: Old, real Mother of Pearl: 4 hole in white 15p each
BUT18 8mm Alpen Bloom: Like an Edelweiss flower 48p each
BUT31 8mm Metal shirt: 2-hole metal button in gold colour (silver is no longer available) 90p per 10
BUT33 8mm Metal dimple: 2-hole dimpled edge button in gilt only £1.00 per 10
BUT35 5mm by 9mm Oval pearl: shanked white glass pearl 14p each
BUT17 9mm Creamy MOP: 4 hole synthetic Mother of Pearl in cream 70p per 10
BUT39 9mm Metal notched: 2-hole notched edge in antique gilt only £1.00 per 10
BUT40 10mm Nickle barrel: Shanked half barrel shape button in nickle 18p each
BUT41 10mm Gilt barrel: Shanked half barrel shape button in gilt 24p each
BUT21 11mm Old square plastic: 4-hole button, white only 60p per 10
BUT27 12mm Engraved metal: 2-hole, delicate engraving in silver only (gold is no longer available). 18p each
BUT28 12mm Moonstone: Shanked button with nickle rim and a moonstone-like centre 18p each

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