Little Trimmings

Small-scale haberdashery for the miniaturist and doll-maker

Tiny Buttons

Colours can only be approximate - different computer monitors show slight variations of colours.
All we can say is it looks close enough on our screen!

All prices are for a bag of one colour unless stated as an assortment.
Button Code approx.
Description and Colour options Price
BUT45 4mm 2-hole tiny plain button: Yellow, red, brown and navy.
90p per 10
£4.00 per 50
BUT47 4mm 2-hole tiny plain button: White, pink, mint, yellow, orange, red, emerald, brown, purple and black.
90p per 10
£4.00 per 50
BUT01 5mm 2-hole tiny plain button: Pale blue, turquoise, navy.
(all other colours are SOLD OUT)
90p per 10
£4.00 per 50
BUT11 6mm 2-hole plain button: white, cream, pink, pale blue, lemon, peach, lilac, red, green, royal, brown. 50p per 10
£1.95 per 50
BUT11ASS 6mm Assorted bag of 2-hole plain buttons x 110 (10 each of the 11 colours listed above) £4.85 per bag
BUT12 6mm Plain shanked button: white or peach only.
(all other colours are SOLD OUT)
70p per 10
£2.95 per 50
BUT25 6mm Pearly flower: tiny shanked white pearly flower. 15p each

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