Little Trimmings

Small-scale haberdashery for the miniaturist and doll-maker

Projects/Workshops by Little Trimmings

Samples - Circular Sofa using Little Trimmings cotton fabrics and fringing
Kit is available, see our kits pages.
Peach Blossom circular sofa
Leopard print circular sofa
  • Cotton fabric = Sorry but this fabric is now sold out
  • Fringe = BF7418 - Brown
  • Braid = BM10 - 1mm Metallic Cord - Gold

Boudoir chair & pouffe
Sage low chair

Cotton fabric with Jacobean style print is unfortunately no longer available.

The braids used were:
Sage green fine fringing BBF91 sage
Fine looped braid BB38 cream
Knobbly braid BK01 rose pink
Pouffe basic kit Pouffe kit

Fabric was Cotton print CF82/1 Fine Gold scrolls on Sage Green.
Sage green fine fringing BBF91 sage
1mm Metallic gold cord BM10

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