Knitting & Crochet Yarns

DMC threads

20 count to 100 count and Flower Thread
Knitting yarns

A range of 1 and 2-ply yarns, acrylics and pure wools
Knitting and Crochet silk

Silk yarns for doll socks and mini knitting
Crochet hooks

Only crochet hooks now
1/12th scale knitting patterns
From Joy Parker of Swallowhill dolls
Babies and children
Ladies and older girls
Gentlemen and older boys
Other Items
Knitting patterns for 1/12th and larger
From Dolls Designs
Books by Dolls Designs
1/12th scale
1/12th scale patterns by Dolls Designs
Small dolls
Patterns for small dolls by Dolls Designs
Larger dolls
Patterns for larger dolls by Dolls Designs

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