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UK p+p charges
Due to the massive hike by Royal Mail in their postal charges, we have no choice but to increase our p+p charges on some orders.
With immediate effect bulky orders, irrespective of order value, will cost a minimum of £3.50 p+p.
As a rough guide:
orders up to £25.00 (only if they fit the Large Letter box) £1.95
orders up to £50.00 £3.50
orders over £50.00 £5.00

It is your responsibility to find out the import duty limits for your country.
If necessary, to avoid import fees, your order should be below these limits.
Little Trimmings accepts absolutely NO responsibility for any charges you may have to pay when receiving goods.
All charges are your responsibility.

International p+p charges
P+p costs for international orders will be quoted based on country of destination and weight of order.

Here's a useful Popup Personal Currency Assistant
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If the order form is not long enough for all the items you wish to order, it is not a problem, simply fill it in and send it, then continue with your order on another and send that too, I will be able to add them together.
Please note: minimum order value is £10.00

Do not send your credit card details over the internet, this is not yet a secure site
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