We have so many different types of ribbon that they take up more than 7 packed pages in our catalogue.

Silk ribbons

2mm, 4mm and 7mm wide Silk Ribbon, assortments and variegated
Vintage German Lacet ribbon

100% "Art Silk" ribbon in 23 colours
Satin ribbons

Narrow Double-sided Satin Ribbon, lots in 1.5mm and 3mm widths
Ruban Mousseline

3mm, 6mm and 10mm fine organdie ribbons particularly suitable for miniature projects and bridal embellishments
Frilled ribbons

Frilled and Gathered ribbons, in Gingham, Stripes and Organdie
Fancy ribbons

Velvet ribbons, Fringed ribbons, Checked and Gingham ribbons
Ribbon roses, flowers and bows

A selection of ribbon roses, ribbon bows and loopy flowers

Waiting for new products
Grosgrain ribbons

3mm, 4mm and 5mm ribbed ribbons particularly suitable for miniature projects

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