Little Trimmings

Small-scale haberdashery for the miniaturist and doll-maker

Vintage Beads

Our Vintage beads are generally from old stock or some even from old jewellery (sorry Grandma!)
As the supplies are erratic the selections may change from time to time. But some I have in such huge quantities that I am sure they will last quite a while.
The following beads were made by heating glass rods in a flame, which was then pressed, individually, into a hand mould that simultaneously pressed the holes into the beads.
Mostly faceted beads with central hole, makes for interesting buttons too
Picture Size 1 (smallest) approx. 3mm-4mm Colour Price
BE1701 Pale mint green (opaque) All at
50p per 10
(of 1 type and colour)

CLEARANCE OFFER - BAG OF 100 just £3.00
BE1702 White with a hint of pink (opaque)
BE1703 Bronze
BE1704 Hint of pink (crystal - iridescent)
BE1705 Beige (opaque - iridescent)
BE1705a *Round bead* lilac (opaque)
Picture Size 2 (medium) approx. 4mm-5mm Colour Price
BE1806 Ruby (crystal) All at
70p per 10
(of 1 type and colour)

CLEARANCE OFFER - BAG OF 100 just £3.50
BE1807 Tortoise shell (crystal)
BE1808 Baby blue (crystal - iridescent)
BE1809 Smoke grey (crystal)
BE1810 Slightly darker smoke grey (crystal - iridescent)
BE1811 Pink (crystal - iridescent)
BE1812 *Round bead* Purple (shiny)
BE1813 Royal blue (crystal)
BE1814 Beige (opaque)
BE1815 Pale turquoise (opaque)
BE1816 Pink (opaque - iridescent)
BE1817 Gun-metal grey (shiny)
BE1818 Green (opaque)
BE1819 Clear Crystal
BE1820 Silver (shiny)
BE1821 Hint of lilac (crystal - iridescent)
BE1822 Pale green/topaz (iridescent)
BE1823 Gold/green (iridescent)
BE1824 Pale amethyst (crystal)
BE1825 *Round bead* lilac (opaque)    matches smaller 5a
BE1826 *Round pearl bead - not glass pressed* Burnished gold
BE1827 *Round pearl bead - not glass pressed* Burnished bronze
BE1828 Emerald green (crystal)
BE1829 Lavender/turquoise (iridescent)
Picture Size 3 (largest) approx. 5mm-6mm Colour - all have an iridescent metallic look! Price
BE1930 Bottle green All at
90p per 10
(of 1 type and colour)

CLEARANCE OFFER - BAG OF 100 just £4.50
BE1931 Green/gold and a hint of purple
BE1932 Gold
BE1933 Peacock blue/green and purple

Iridescent = displaying a spectrum of colours that shimmer and change due to interference and scattering as the observers position changes.

More vintage beads, again these were handmade by pressing into a mould.
Faceted beads with one flat side and a hole across the base, excellent as a button
Picture Code Size and Colour Price
BE06 Tiny pewter £1.80 per 10
(of 1 type and colour)
BE09 Medium pewter
BE10 Medium gun-metal
BE11 Large gun-metal
BE12 Large green iris (iridescent)
BE13 Large blue iris (iridescent)

Similar to the Flissles, but with a smooth, rounded surface, again they make good buttons, try them on shoes, or as animal eyes
Picture Code Size and Colour Price
BE14 Brown £1.60 per 10
(of 1 type and colour)
BE15 Black
BE16 Red

Make your own doll earrings from our selection of vintage beads and seed beads.
Each pack contains enough Vintage beads, 14/o or 15/o seed beads, gold wire and earring pins to make at least 4 pairs of earrings
Code Colour options Price
BE021a My selection of colours £3.75 per pack
BE021b Your choice of colours from the vintage beads and seed beads lists

Opaque and transparent drops with the hole ACROSS the top.
Pearlised drops with a wire loop in the top. Except 21e which also has a hole across the top.
Suitable for earrings or necklace pendants. You may want to add other beads as they are a little plain on their own.
Picture Code Approx. size Colour Price
BE21a 7x4mm Lilac (opaque) - matches round lilac vintage £1.75 per pair
including earring wires
BE21b 7x4mm Blue (shaded - transparent)
BE21c 7x4mm Turquoise blue (opaque)
BE21d 7x4mm Ruby (transparent)
BE21e 9x6mm Taupe pearlised
BE21f 9x6mm Brown pearlised
BE21g 9x6mm Pale blue pearlised

Code Size Colour Price
BE20 6mm Burnished bronze - matches BE1827 (above) 25p each


45cm long fine necklace chain, for use with your hand made pendants or cut up for 1/12th scale handbag handles or chandelier chains.

Silver colour finish = 95p each
Gold colour finish - SOLD OUT

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