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Chicken Little basket kits

Little Trimmings recently acquired the rights to continue producing Chicken Little Basket kits after Sue retired.

We hope to expand the range but for now we have the following original kits that Sue used to sell.

Four basic kits are available in either WHITE or ECRU and all conveniently priced at only £3.50 each

All kits contain a pre drilled base, wires and white or ecru thread to make one basket, instructions are included.
Small round - Just under 1" (24mm) base
Small oval - 18 x 24mm
Large round - 1¼" (32mm) diameter base
Large oval - is discontinued
as I can no longer get the large size oval drilled bases.

PLEASE REMEMBER to state whether you want white or a natural beige/ecru thread for your kit.
Otherwise natural will be sent as the default colour.
All kits are £3.50 each

Here are a couple of variations that can be achieved from the basic kit.

A sheet of ideas is included in each kit.
Pink handle basket

The large oval basket was created by painting the base pink and using pink crochet cotton, one wire from either side was bent across and yarn-wrapped to create the handle.

The large oval base is no longer available, but this basket could be done on the small oval base.
Shaped handle basket

This fancy shaped basket was created with a small round base.
After approximately 10 rows the wires were splayed outwards and weaving continued creating the "flared" effect.
Waste paper basket

The waste paper basket was created using small round base with gaps left for a less solid effect.
Dog basket

The dog basket was created, with an oval base kit, by weaving the yarn back on itself after about 6 plain rows creating an ever-increasing gap.

24 gauge paper covered wire
pack of 50 (12" long) wires
£2.50 per pack
20 count crochet cotton
Pixie brand
Only £1.50 per ball

For the Pixie colours and the DMC yarns see the DMC page

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