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Small-scale haberdashery for the miniaturist and doll-maker

Crabtree & Evelyn perfumerie

From Sue’s Enchanted Cottage - 1/12th scale toiletries

I was delighted when my good friend Sue Johnson of Sue’s Enchanted Cottage offered me the opportunity to be one of the few outlets for her exclusive range of miniature perfume counters and accessories based on the world famous Crabtree and Evelyn range.

Little Trimmings stock the range in all the original seven fragrances available.
Lavender Lily o’the Valley Wisteria Evelyn Rose Gardenia Freesia Rosewater
Lilac Pale green Pale blue Pale pink Lemon Violet Rose pink

Now available, all seven new fragrances, in most kits as shown.
Damask Rose La Source Cacao Noir Island Living Island Night Summer Hill Noel
Vintage peach Aqua & white Coffee & cream Coral Silver & white Pale avocado Red & white

7 new fragrances for 2011, in most kits as shown.
Gardeners Aloe Vera Jojoba Oil Nantucket Briar Iris Citron Nursery Tales
Cream, taupe & green Mint green Amber, blue & cream Pale silvery lavender Snow white opaque Lemon White & clear

A set of six clear, pearl and opaque mix of bottles - not all sets will be exactly as shown but will include a mix.
Kit = Set of six bottles, including top and labels for you to add, also includes silk ribbon for bows - £6.25
Made up set of six with bow trims on the wider bottles, labels and bead plus Swarovski crystal tops - £9.25

PLEASE NOTE: Bottle sets are no longer being produced and I only have the following fragrances left to order in either bottle set kits or assembled bottle sets.
Island Night and Cacao Noir.

The following kits are still available in most of the fragrances shown in the above photos.
Bottles are prepared, and all printed paperwork and other parts are included, you just have to put the kits together.
Kit A - Bath Salts Display Box
Kit - £3.50
Assembled - £6.25
Kit B - Display Box: Box & Bubble Bath
Kit - £5.25
Assembled - £8.50

Kit BB - Display Box: 2 big bottles
Kit - £5.25
Assembled - £8.50
Kit C - Display Box: 2 bath salt sachets, small box and perfume
Kit - £5.25
Assembled - £8.50

Kit D - Dusting powder unopening box
Kit to make 2 - £3.75
Single assembled - £2.25
Kit E - Round Filled Gift Box with Pretty Band
Kit - £10.50
Assembled - £21.50

Kit F - Petal Shaped Shelf Unit including contents (5 bottles and a large size box)
Kit - £12.50
Assembled - £26.50

Counter top display with 3 little half circle shelves and advertising display back board.
Complete with a selection of nine assorted bottles.

Kit - £16.00
Assembled - £32.00

Produced in Britain

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