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Circular Sofa kit - 1/12th scale

When I first put up pictures of my circular sofas to promote some new fabrics,
I had no idea there would be so much interest in the actual sofa itself.

So due to customer demand I set to work producing an easy to do kit for you.
The resulting kit contains all the pre cut board construction parts to enable you to make the sofa.

All you need is the fabric, wadding and braids for trimming.
These can all be bought from Little Trimmings if you donít have anything suitable in your own stashes.

KITCS01 - Circular Sofa kit

All parts have been die cut for you, to take away the near-impossible task of neatly cutting multiple identical pieces.

The kit contains the following parts,
  • one tube section and two large card circles (for the base)
  • three circle segments (the seat bases or seat pads)
  • six shaped pieces (the seat sides)

Kit price only £5.00

You will need the following materials in order to complete your sofa
  • Fabric - cotton is recommended as it glues easily and does not fray as much as silks, or other fabrics,
    approx 10" x 20" piece is plently (or 2 of our cut pieces, left as one piece)
  • Wadding - one of our small cut pieces is enough
  • Trimming braids - Our BK01 Knobbly Braid is perfect for covering the joins, and Fine Fringing BBF91
    or Tufted Fringing BF7418 is perfect for the bottom of the base.

Samples - Circular Sofa using Little Trimmings cotton fabrics and fringing
Circular sofa in Blue Bramble
Leopard print circular sofa
  • Cotton fabric = Sorry but this fabric is now sold out
  • Fringe = BF7418 - Brown
  • Braid = BM10 - 1mm Metallic Cord - Gold

If you are interested in kits for club workshops then email or call me for discounted club offers.

Kits made in Britain

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