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Lamps - 1/12th scale working lamps

A range of simple kits, first produced for the British Miniaturist Workshop Weekend 2008
and for local club meetings, now available to all my customers.

Due to popular demand I have included a price for each lamp fully assembled.
Prices are noted with each kit, but please note these lamps are not necessarily held assembled in stock.
Assembled lamps may have to be made to order - please allow 14 days.

KITLA15 - Nursery Panda lamp

Includes all materials to make one Panda lamp.

Panda lamp is approx. 45mm (1¾") tall

NOTE: Plain printed teddy fabric is provided for the lampshade, but you have to carefuly paint the black bits to create the "panda" look.
Our unique Nursery Panda lamp Kit price: £5.00

Assembled price: £18.00

KITLA14 - Carousel Unicorn lamp

Includes all materials to make one Carousel Unicorn lamp, both blue and lilac trimmings included so that you can decide which to use.

Unicorn lamp is approx. 58mm (2¼") tall
Our unique Carousel Unicorn lamp Kit price: £6.50

Assembled price: £18.00

I was so excited when I found these beautifully detailed ceramic beads that I just had to use them somehow and this range of Nursery Lamps is the result.
Each kit contains everything you need to make the lamp as pictured, you just have to paint the wooden bases, and although all the materials are included you do have to make, cover and trim the lamp shades.
KITLA10 - Rabbit
approx. 57mm (2¼") tall
KITLA11 - Elephant
approx. 57mm (2¼") tall
KITLA12 - Lion
approx. 57mm (2¼") tall
KITLA13 - Polar Bear
approx. 50mm (2") tall
Kit - £5.00
Assembled price: £15.00
Kit - £5.00
Assembled price: £15.00
Kit - £5.00
Assembled price: £15.00
Kit - £5.00
Assembled price: £15.00

Dollshouse and Miniature Scene magazine Issue 181 - Nursery Lamps project.
If you were expecting to see the last in my series of lamp projects in this month's issue but were disappointed Click here to read my personal letter to you.

These lovely candlestick lamps were inspired by the very talented Brooke Tucker, and permission was granted from Brooke Tucker Originals to produce these in her style for the 2008 Workshop.
There were a limited number of kits left over and these are now available here.
The brass candlestick part was made in Britain to my own design.
Each kit contains all you need to make the lamp as pictured, you just have to glue all the parts together and although all the materials are included you do have to make and cover the lamp shade.
Cream shade Rose pink shade Your colour shade

Choose your own colour silk for the lamp shade from our selection of Thai Silk Dupion

Candlestick lamp is approx 55mm (2 1/8") tall
Kit - £7.00 Kit - £7.00 Kit - £7.00
Assembled candlestick lamp, your shade colour choice: £15.00

KITLA03 - Lampwork Rose Bead Base KITLA04 - Chinese porcelain and brass base
One of the pretty Lampwork beads now readily available in craft stores, needs a brass cup washer at the bottom to stabilise the barrel bead.

This lamp is approx. 35mm (1 3/8") tall.
A porcelain tube bead decorated with Chinese writing and flowers, with a fancy brass washer glued to each end make up the base of this lamp.

This lamp is approx. 42mm (1 5/8") tall.
Assembled lamp: NO LONGER AVAILABLE Assembled Chinese porcelain lamp: £8.00

Lamp harp part & bulb kit - CURRENTLY UNAVIALBLE due to not being able to get the fine wire bulbs.

Lamp harp part kit for you to use with your own bases.

This basic kit contains;
  • Brass harp part
  • Tiny brass eyelet
  • Extra small, long wire bulb
  • Precut shade patterns (2 slightly different shapes)

  • NB. Available in small or medium shade size
    KITLA02S = Small size
    KITLA02M = Medium size

    Please state size code when ordering
    The ingenious brass part was designed & is copyrighted by me.
    Simply fold into shape and superglue the tiny eyelet into the two holes, glue this into the top of your bead or other base. Then thread your bulb wire down through the eyelet and base. Make your shade, then glue it to the top of the brass harp.
    2 sizes available at present, small and medium.
    Choose beads with big holes, big enough for the eyelet to fit into.
    I have found that Thai silk is the best fabric to use for the shades.

    Simply layered with a brass cup washer at the bottom then a bead, then either another washer or straight on with the assembled harp part.
    Top with your shade.
    Long tube beads make interesting bases, and they are very cheap to make as you do not need any other parts. The red lamp is a decorated wooden tube bead. The other is an old bone bead found at the bottom of a button tin

    Produced in Britain

    Please note that all kits, and images used to promote said kits, are the property of and copyright to Little Trimmings.

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