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Hat Box kits - 1/12th scale

Are you frustrated when it comes to hand cutting perfect circles for your hat box lids and bases?
Tired of cutting and gluing lots of little tabs, to end up with a less than perfect finish?

Then Little Trimmings might have just what you need.

Christine at Little Trimmings is set to revolutionise hat box making.
With my simple pre-cut board circles, you can make great hat boxes too.

code = HBC00
One pack with 8 board circle blanks, to make a set of 4 graduating size boxes, 1", 1¼", 1½" and 2",
is only £1.50.

Each pair has a top and bottom, the bottom cut slightly smaller so when the box is made you can actually put the lid on it.
The tops have been die cut to match the commercially available 1", 1¼", 1½" and 2" craft circle punches, so you can punch out a perfect circle from your fancy card, or matching wall paper, with the circle punch and glue it straight on top of your hat box lid, no more time consuming attempts at hand cutting perfect circles.
You will have to trim the base circle a bit, but then the base will not be seen like the top.
Then simply glue your strip of card around the circle for your box side.

At the moment I donít sell complete kits with the fancy printed papers for the lids and sides, as I am guessing most miniaturists already have stacks of suitable paper/card for such projects. However if there is enough demand I might consider a complete kit with printed card and braids/ribbons to finish of the set of boxes.

Well there was enough demand - see below

Hat Box complete kits

Due to numerous customer requests I have been persuaded to put together complete kits to enable you to make up my sets of graduating Hat Boxes.
At the moment there is only this one set but we have plenty more in the pipeline.

KITHB01 - Vintage Image set
The kit contains a set of pre-cut board circles (4 lids and 4 bases), also pre-cut printed lids and matching plain colour bases along with the printed sides for the boxes and lids.

Also included: fine cotton cord for the box handles and tissue paper.
Kit contents
Complete kit only £8.50

Of course you can always make open gift boxes with the circles as well, just glue a thin strip of card around the board circle, trim with a bit of gathered lace or ribbon, add a bow and fill with whatever..... make a toiletries gift box, or a baby gift box.
If you are doing a shop then how about several different themes wrapped in a circle of cellophane, and tied with a large bow, like real life gift boxes?

I am sure you can think of many other clever uses for my board circles, which I hope will make your lives a whole lot easier.

If you are interested in kits for club workshops then email or call me for discounted club offers.

Kits assembled in Britain

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