Little Trimmings

Small-scale haberdashery for the miniaturist and doll-maker

Knitting Yarns

We have a wide range of soft, good quality yarns, suitable for your miniature knitting.
See our pattern pages for some wonderful miniature knitting patterns.

PLEASE NOTE - all knitting supplies and yarns will be discontinued as current stocks run out.
Please ensure you order enough yarn to complete your projects.

1ply Knitting Yarns

KW0101 - Fine acrylic yarn

Only available in the following colours:

baby blue
baby blue 2 (a shade darker)

50p per 5g ball

KWTW01 - Fine tweed yarn
2 or more threads twisted together to produce a fine tweed effect when knitted.

Colours available:

White and Pale blue
Ivory and Beige
Ivory and Denim
Ivory and Navy

50p per 5g ball

KW0104 - 1ply cotton

100% cotton yarn, very soft, really nice to knit with.

Colours available are:
Yellow, Pale lilac, Pale aqua/blue, Old gold, Sage green,

Also Orange, Mid blue, Ruby red, Grey and Dark brown.

PLEASE NOTE*** White is no longer available.

50p per 5g ball

KWME01 - Pure Merino wool - 1 ply

Colours available are:
Light bottle green and Wine.

50p per 5g ball

KWBO01 - Boucle yarn

Fine Boucle yarn which knits as 1 ply

Colours available are:
White, cream, emerald, wine, rust, brown, navy, mid blue.

50p per 5g ball

KWMO01 - 1-ply Mohair

Fuzzy pure Mohair which knits as 1 ply

Available in Dark Brown only.

50p per 5g ball

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