Little Trimmings

Small-scale haberdashery for the miniaturist and doll-maker

Lace Collars

100% cotton, Old Austrian lace collars (embroidered tulle), suitable for Antique Reproduction dolls.
At only 75p per collar (2 pieces as shown) they are a bargain.
Or mix and match 10 collar sets for only £6.50
Considering these are OLD and as such supplies are limited, these prices are a give away.
When they are gone they really are gone.

C409W - White
C409CR - Cream
C409CO - Coffee

C408CR - Cream only

Broderie Anglais Embroidered Cotton Collars,
suitable for larger dolls and childrens dresses.
All priced at 80p for a matching pair, to make one collar.

CBA500W - white only
collar width approx 17cm (6.75")

CBA501P - white with pink embroidery,
collar width approx 16cm (6.25")

CBA501B - white with blue embroidery,
collar width approx 16cm (6.25")

These 3 collars are all embroidered onto fine white cotton, the moire effect (wavy lines) on the photos is down to my rubbish scanner.

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