Little Trimmings

Small-scale haberdashery for the miniaturist and doll-maker

New Cotton Lace - Fine French and English made.

Perfect for Dolls House and Miniature costuming projects, Heirloom Embroidery projects and Doll costumes.

First we have a selection of Superb Quality, Fine French (Valenciennes or Val) cotton lace.
This modern cotton lace has a small nylon or polyester content (around 3%) as a stabiliser.
Please note * Minimum cut is 1 metre

Still manufactured in France on the traditional machines.
Just found in store
CL2/7601 ivory - New lace/old stock - 7mm wide

CL1201W - white only - 7mm wide

CL1202W - white only - 7mm wide

CL2/301W - white only - 8mm wide

CL2/225Iv - ivory only - 8mm wide

CL2/4219W - white only - 8mm wide

CL2/213W/Iv - white and ivory - 9mm wide

CL2/224W/Iv/Cr - white, ivory and cream - 9mm wide

CL2/3147W/Iv - White and Ivory - 9mm wide

CL2/331W/Cr - white and cream - 9mm wide

CL2/3147Bk - BLACK - 9mm wide

CL2/330W - white only - 10mm wide

CL2/770W - white only - 11mm wide

CL2/773W - white only - 23mm wide


Please remember on all our laces, that the letters after the number in the code refer to the colour of the lace
E.g. W = White, Iv = Ivory, Cr = Cream, E = Ecru (dark cream), and Bk = Black.

Still manufactured in the UK on traditional machines.
CL289W/Iv/E - White, Ivory or Ecru - £1.25/m

a tiny 9mm wide
CL168W/Iv - 90p/m
CL184B - ONLY BLACK left - £1.20/m
CL169W/Iv/E - £1.20/m
CL185W/Iv/E - £1.20/m
CL183W/Iv/E - £1.65/m
CL205W - £1.60/m
CL207W - £1.60/m
CL208W/Iv/E - £1.60/m
CL2171W - 95p/m
CL319W/Iv - White or Ivory - £1.60/m

Made to look like old-fashioned bobbin lace.
approx. 15mm wide
CL224W/Iv/E - £1.50/m
CL312 in White, ivory, ecru AND Black - £1.60/m

18mm wide
CL257 in ivory & ecru - £1.65/m

17mm wide
CL100W/Iv - White or Ivory - £1.95/m
CL114E - Ecru - £1.95/m
CL138W/Iv/E - £1.10/m
CL1138W/Iv - white or ivory - £1.15/m
CL137W/Iv/E - £2.20/m
CL217W/Bk - White or Black - £1.60/m
CL135W/Iv/E - £1.50/m
CL178Bk - Black - £1.60/m

Also available in white, ivory and ecru
CL193W/Iv/E - £2.25/m
CL196W/Iv - White or Ivory - £1.20/m

35mm wide
CL219W/E - £2.95/m
CL182W/Iv/E/Bk - £2.95/m
CL278W/Iv/E - White, Ivory or Ecru - £2.95/m

38mm wide
CL301W/Iv/E - White, Ivory or Ecru - £4.95/m

70mm wide
minimum cut 0.5 metre on this lace only.

CL203 is 35mm wide and available in White, Ivory, Ecru, Black and an amazing Turquoise.
CL203T - Turquoise - only £1.00/m
CL203W/Iv/E - in White, Ivory or Ecru - £2.95/m
CL203BK - Black - £2.95/m

In Victorian times, dust ruffles were sewn to the bottom edge of skirts to catch the dust and help prolong the life of the hems, since most Victorian skirts trailed the ground.
It is now more widely the foundation on which many laces can be made. You can embroider it if you wish or edge it with the narrowest lace for Dolls House curtains.
Great for other Dolls House uses, such as gloves, stockings, hat trims and tiny skirts, or use it gathered around the face of bonnets.
100% soft cotton
CL265W/E - White or Ecru CL266W/E - White or Ecru
approx. 57mm to 60mm wide approx. 28mm to 30mm wide
£3.95p/m £2.20p/m

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