Little Trimmings

Small-scale haberdashery for the miniaturist and doll-maker

Guipure Trims

Our guipures come in white, ivory or cream, with a few in black. Please note W, Iv, Cr or Bk at the end of the number to indicate what is available to each trim. Please state clearly on your order.
Guipures are shiny Viscose unless stated otherwise.
GP208Iv - ivory only - £1.60/m
GP101Iv - ivory only - £1.95/m
GP1290Iv - ivory only - 95p/m
GP307Iv - ivory only - £2.60/m
GP3280W/Iv - white or ivory - £1.05/m
GP2202Iv - ivory only (100% cotton) - £1.75/m
GP2203W/Iv - white or ivory - £1.55/m
GP64W - white only - £1.90/m
GP770W - white only - £1.30/m
GP1714Iv - ivory only - £1.75/m
(you could carefully cut individual tiny bells?)
GP772W - white only - £1.65/m
(you could carefully cut off the tiny wheels?)
GP1548W/Iv - white or ivory - £3.70/m
GD02Cr - cream only (100% cotton) - 85p/m

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