Little Trimmings

Small-scale haberdashery for the miniaturist and doll-maker

Joys Knitting Patterns

(Gentlemen and older boys)

Knitting patterns for 1/12th scale dolls from Joy Parker of Swallowhill Dolls
We are one of only two European distributors for this range of patterns

All patterns are designed to be knitted in 1 ply on 18 or 19 needles. Most of the patterns can be easily knitted from less than one 5g ball of yarn

All patterns are conveniently priced at £2.00 each

Pattern #518

Sleeveless Pullovers for Men and boys
Plain and Fair Isle

Plain Pullover takes 1 ball of yarn
Fair Isle takes 1 ball of basic colour, plus small amounts of 5 additional colours

Sample of pattern 518

Knitted in our new 1-ply cotton yarn.
Thanks to my friend Gillie for knitting this sample

Pattern #511

Plain or Fair Isle or Patterned Man's Sweater

Takes 2 balls of yarn for the basic sweater and the patterned sweater
For the fair isle you need small amounts of two extra contrasting colours
4 buttons or beads are optional
Samples of pattern 511

Blue sweater knitted in 1-ply cotton, green sweater knitted in DMC flower thread
Thanks to my friend Daphne for knitting these samples

Pattern #523

A cardigan for grandfather. Of course you can use it for any man
The cardigan can be knit plain or with a pattern up the front
You can make one working pocket or two

Each cardigan takes 2 balls of yarn
Sample of pattern 523

Knitted in our 1-ply silk and cashmere yarn
(cream and grey mix)

Pattern #526

Man's cabled sleeveless Tennis pullover
This is a good 'introduction' to cable knitting as all the cables are the same
Use a #22 tapestry needle as a cable needle! Works!

Takes 2 balls of white and a small amount of red or blue for the trim around the neck and waist
Sample of pattern 526

Knitted in DMC flower thread
Thanks to my friend Daphne for knitting this sample

Pattern #528

Man's Aran Isle sleeve/yoke sweater.
This is for an experienced knitter, or for a less experienced knitter with a great deal of patience
The cables cover the sleeves and yoke and go from one cuff, across the shoulder, to the other cuff

Takes 3 balls of yarn. Joy used 'natural' colour as that is most authentic

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