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Catherine - a 21st Century Royal Wedding Gown

A 1/12th scale version of the Wedding dress that Kate Middleton wore when she married Prince William on 29th April 2011.

Comprehensive pattern only £5.00 This Dress Pattern includes patterns for underwear, dress with petal skirt and train, lace placement and advice, plus comprehensive instructions.

Also included are instructions on how to make the silk tulle veil, and a simple bouquet.
Materials shopping list
* Cotton Voile - FCV02 - white - Fat 1/4m = £1.90 * Cotton Bobbinet/Veiling - white - small piece (cut long) = £1.75
* Thai Silk SF01 - fat 1/4m - white = £5.95 * CL2/3924 White - or similar fine French cotton lace x 2m = £2.70
* Silk Tulle - ivory - cut piece = £2.25 * CL2/4741 Ivory - or similar fine French cotton lace to trim veil x 1m = £1.35
Materials pack (of the 6 items above) - not including pattern = £15.15 (saves 75p on individual items cost)
Pattern only = £5.00


You may have noticed there is no actual dress lace mentioned in the above materials list - please read on....

When I first decided to replicate Kate’s dress in miniature, I went for a simplified lace option, by picking a wide lace with a small neat scallop edge, but with a small pretty floral design. This made it suitable to use, with careful pattern placement, with minimal cutting and appliqué as was done in the actual gown.

However having created the dress with my chosen Embroidered Tulle, I then discovered it was no longer made and the reasonable amount I had was soon sold out.
Sadly my second choice of an all cotton lace was also discontinued, leaving me without the type and size of lace I preferred to recommend. So at the moment I am unable to offer a simple lace option for my pattern. Based on this disappointment I very nearly withdrew the pattern from sale as I felt it was a shame not to be able to offer the ‘whole deal’. Customers have however persuaded me otherwise, claiming to be able to sort out their own lace until such time as I can fine a suitable replacement.

For the bodice and sleeves a 2" deep lace is best - for the skirt part a 4" or 5" deep lace is recommended.
Narrower lace can be used but will mean more cutting and appliqué; equally an all over pattern lace could be used with a separate scallop edge being applied on top at the hem edges. Of course as soon as I have found a new lace, and worked a sample to ensure it’s suitability I will post details.

Supplier details for the artisan who can supply a ‘Kate’ wig and tiara if required, also a supplier for the doll I used.
Kate wig and Tiara Doll - Eulane or another from the same range
Josephine Sladdin
Upper Sunderland Road
Tel: 01422 201520
Sue Harrington
Sue Harrington Dolls
6 Court’s Barton
BA11 4LA
Tel: 01373 464658

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