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Silk Ribbon

Pure silk ribbon has many uses, it is widely used for silk ribbon embroidery, card making and scrapbooking, doll costuming and has found a very valuable place in the miniature world.

4mm PURE SILK RIBBON - Variegated shades
Delicately shaded through from light to dark
V39 - Cream
V36 - Peach
V08 - Baby pink
V26 - Baby blue
V49 - Lilac
This new variegated ribbon will gradually replace the Thread Gatherers brand
Only available in 4mm width
or £1.80 per 5m card (of a colour)

All these colours are available in 2mm, 4mm and 7mm widths
01 - Natural white
02 - Red

2mm out of stock
03 - Bright white
04 - Black
07 - Baby pink
09 - Pale aqua
12 - Buttery cream
18 - Light grass green
20 - Pale olive
33 - Sage green
44 - Mid blue
45 - Dark blue
49 - Dark red
50 - Wine
52 - Old gold
54 - Bright gold
58 - Light grey
61 - Emerald
85 - Deep purple
101 - Lilac
108 - Dark orange
109 - Rust
112 - Salmon

in 2mm only
119 - Lemon yellow
135 - Pale flesh pink

NLA in 2mm
140 - Mocha
161 - Cream

NLA in 2mm
163 - Dusty pink
166 - Pale peach
174 - Orange
98 - Baby blue
184 - Navy

or £1.80 per 5m card (of a colour)

10m card £3.50
20m card £6.00
or £1.80 per 5m card (of a colour)

10m card £3.50
20m card £6.00
or £1.95 per 3m (of a colour)
or £3.20 per 5m (of a colour)

10m card £6.40
20m card £11.00

Available in all above colours, email for trade/bulk prices.

Assorted packs of the 2mm and 4mm wide silk ribbon.
Each pack contains 5 x 1m lengths of ribbon in the colours listed.
Code Width Colour theme Price per pack
PSR02Pa 2mm Pastels £1.95
PSR02Dk 2mm Darks £1.95
PSR04Pa 4mm Pastels £1.95
PSR04Dk 4mm Darks £1.95

Assorted packs of the 4mm wide silk ribbon.
Each pack contains 5 x 1m lengths of colour-themed ribbons
Code Width Colour theme Price per pack
PSR04Pi 4mm Pinks £1.95
PSR04Bl 4mm Blues £1.95

Assorted pack of 4mm wide variegated silk ribbon.
Each pack contains 5 x 1m lengths of our variegated colour ribbons,
(Cream, Peach, Baby Pink, Baby Blue, Lilac)
Code Width Colour theme Price per pack
PSR04VASS1 4mm Variegated pastels £1.95

4mm wide HAND DYED SILK RIBBONS from The Thread Gatherer (£3.95 per card)
During 2003 we introduced this range of beautiful hand dyed variegated silk ribbons
PLEASE NOTE - Quantity is a 4 YARD card, as its imported from the USA
TG4:00E ECRU - ivory - cream
TG4:02 AUTUMN FOLIAGE - dusty brown-orange-red
TG4:09 EVERGREENS - shades of dull green with a hint of dark willow
TG4:10 LEMON SOUFFLE - shades of pale-dark lemon
TG4:11 BUTTERNUT ORANGE - shades of peach
TG4:12 VINTAGE BROWNS - shades of brown
TG4:16 SEAFOAM GREENS - shades of pale-mid green
TG4:17 FLAMINGO PINK - shades of pale pinks
TG4:18 TERRACOTTA - shades of pale terracotta
TG4:19 SMOKEY GREYS - variegated from pale through to dark grey
TG4:22 PERIWINKLE BLUE - shades of pale dusty blue
TG4:25 FOREST OF GREENS - shades of jade and mid-green
TG4:29 GRAPE MELANGE - shades of lilac and lavender
TG4:31 SOFT APRICOT - shades of peach & orange
TG4:42 BERRYSPRITZ - shades of pink, purple and wine
TG4:47 WILLOW GREEN - shades of pale to mid greens
TG4:50 BLUE SEAS - shades of royal and petrol blue
TG4:55 CAMOUFLAGE - shaded camouflage greens
TG4:59 GUILDED LAVENDER - shades of pale mustard and mauve with a hint of green
TG4:60 BURNISHED GOLD - shades of gold
TG4:61 SUNWEST SANDS - shades of pale sand with a hint of lilac and pale green
TG4:64 ANTIQUE ROSES - pale to dark dusty pinks
TG4:69 AUTUMN HONEY - shades of orange & gold w/ hint of green
TG4:71 LAVENDER BLUES - shades of bright blue and mauve
TG4:72 PLUM HONEY - Autumn colours with a hint of plum
TG4:76 CHOCOLATE CARAMEL - shades of mid-dark brown
TG4:81 FORGET-ME-NOT - shades of lilac and lavender
TG4:85 HOLIDAY GREENERY - bright to dark green
TG4:90 GREEN LEAVES - shades of bottle green
TG4:100 ROSE BLUSH - shades of pale pink
TG4:111 OLD LACE - shades of white, ivory & cream
TG4:130 COPPER ROSE - shades of light copper

Silk ribbon colour fastness

Please note that Little Trimmings do not guarantee the colour fastness of the silk ribbon we supply.
A note from the manufacturer reminds us that silk is a very delicate fibre and needs to be treated gently and with great respect.
During the dying process silk can not be subject to the same chemicals which guarantee colour fastness in synthetic fibres.
It is the customers’ responsibility to test for suitability of these ribbons for their particular project. Silk ribbons are not recommended for use on projects which stand a chance of getting wet. It should be pointed out that dark colours especially should not be used on a light background if there is a chance of the article getting damp or wet as the colours may ‘bleed’, black, browns and reds are particularly bad. Any ‘wet’ should be dried immediately to reduce colour run or bleeding.
Silk ribbon colours are also likely to fade in sun light, so should be kept out of direct sunlight and stored out of daylight, preferably wrapped in acid free tissue.

This advice is given freely and without prejudice.
Little Trimmings can not be held responsible for any damage caused from the use of our materials*.
Customers must satisfy themselves as to the suitability of materials* for use in their projects.

(*Materials refers to any ribbons, braids, trimmings, laces or fabrics in our range)

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