Little Trimmings

Small-scale haberdashery for the miniaturist and doll-maker

Needles and Pins

Our sewing needles are especially selected for your miniature and craft work - many are sizes which are not ready available in the stores.

BETWEENS - Or quilting needles, short, 22mm to 25mm long, with a small eye.
SHARPS - Longer version of the Betweens, about 29mm to 32mm long.(no longer stocked)
CREWEL - Or embroidery needles - same length as Sharps but with a longer eye, making threading easier. (in my opinion the best all rounder, for all fine work).
SIZES - the higher the number, the finer the needle.

Standard length needle - just because it says embroidery doesnít mean you canít use them for everything (I do!).
Fantastic needle with a long eye, which I think is easier to thread.
Now these are not in fancy packets like the others, they come loose in a little envelope so please donít tip them all over the floor when you open them!
SNC10 Size 10 - 32.5mm long, 10 to a packet £1.00 per packet
SNC12 Size 12 - 29.5mm long, 10 to a packet
Big needles for sewing up your knitting.
SNKASS Sizes 14 and 18, 1 of each to a packet 70p per packet
3 sizes of needles, for stitching body parts on teddies, attaching hair and button eyes, sewing through soft bodies to attach shoulder plates (if you decide not to tie them on) and lots of other uses
SND03 3.5" long doll needle 38p each or £1.00 for 3
SND05 5" long doll needle 38p each or £1.00 for 3
SND08 8" long doll needle 80p each
SNDASS 1 each of our 3.5" and 5" long doll needles 65p
If you have difficulty threading needles, you might find these needle threaders useful
SNT02 Bag of 2 threaders 16p
SNT06 Bag of 6 threaders 45p

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