Little Trimmings

Small-scale haberdashery for the miniaturist and doll-maker


A selection of feathers for decorating greetings cards, bouquets and head-dresses for dolls and teddies.
Some are just about small enough for miniature scale
Thin long feathers in tropical colours only - we are still looking for pastel colours.
Code Size and quantity Colour options Price
FS01 Approx. 5cm to 10cm
approx. 25-30 per bag
Mixed bag of deep tropical colours (e.g. cerise, royal, red, peacock, mustard, emerald, purple) 95p per bag
In bright and primary colours. 10 feathers per bag.
FC01 Approx. 6cm to 15cm Assorted bag of bright colours (e.g. yellow, orange, lime, cerise, red, turquoise, royal, purple) 85p per bag
Our biggest feathers. Beautifully soft in a wide range of colours. 10 feathers per bag (shown here at half size)
FM01 Approx. 10cm to 15cm long Pink, pale blue, lilac, yellow, turquoise, rose pink, royal, red, purple, black, £1.25 per bag
FMASS Approx. 10cm to 15cm long Assorted bag of 10 feathers (my choice of colours - a variety of lights and darks but with no duplicates) £1.25 per bag

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