Little Trimmings

Small-scale haberdashery for the miniaturist and doll-maker


Trims ideal for egg-crafting and miniature jewellery

DC02 - Tiny diamante chain

TINY - diamante crystals for necklaces and tiaras.
Smaller version of DC01 - with crystals just over 1mm - that's 40 crystals to a 10cm length
Quality crystals in various colours set in either silver or gold 'cups'.
Don't forget to state your preference.
10cm for £1.00
50cm for £4.50
1m for £8.00
1) Crystal/Silver
2) Crystal/ Gold
3) Pink/Silver
4) Pink/Gold
5) Aqua/Silver
6) Aqua/Gold
7) Ruby/Silver
8) Ruby/Gold
9) Sapphire/Silver
10) Sapphire/gold
11) Emerald/Silver
12) Emerald/Gold
13) Amethyst/Silver
14) Amethyst/Gold
15) Fuchsia/Silver
16) Fuchsia/Gold
17) Topaz/Silver
18) Topaz/Gold

DC01 - Diamante chain

10cm for £1.00
50cm for £4.50
1m for £8.00
Gold or Silver colour casing with tiny 2mm (approx.) clear stones to look like diamante crystals.
Great for mini jewellery projects

Our new tiny DC02 (top) shown next to DC01 (bottom) for size comparison

WOW - that really is TINY!

BE472 - 2mm micro pearl bead trim
A really tiny pearl trim for miniature costumes and egg-crafting.
All colours are available individually by the metre, or in a Christmas assorted pack as detailed below.

  • White (iridescent)
  • Baby blue (iridescent)
  • Very pale green (iridescent)
Therefore the Pastel assortment is also NO LONGER AVIALABLE
Individual colours 40p per metre
Assortment 2 - Christmas colours

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Red
  • Green
Individual colours 40p per metre

Assorted pack £1.50


45cm long fine gold or silver colour necklace chain.
Not the best quality, but OK for cutting up for tiny bag handles, and anywhere else where a tiny length of chain is required.

Silver colour = 95p each
Gold colour = £1.40 each

Tiny Brass Spectacles in 1:12 and 1:24 scale
Tiny brass specs, 1/12th scale

10 pairs per sheet, only £3.50
Tiny brass specs, 1/24th scale

10 pairs per sheet, only £3.50
Simply bend the arms into place and position on your doll or on a desk display.
NOTE - These are quite delicate and so repeated bending will break the arms off.

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